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MedVanta Launches as Nation’s Largest Physician-Owned and Operated Musculoskeletal Management Services Organization

MedVanta delivers time-tested, next-generation MSO strategies and solutions for independent orthopaedic and MSK practices to transform business operations

Bethesda, Maryland (June 9, 2022) – In the midst of soaring costs, industry-wide consolidation and encroachment from outside investors, a coalition of leading independent orthopaedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) specialists today announced the launch of MedVanta as a new path forward for private practices seeking to maintain their independence and preserve high-quality patient care. Now the nation’s largest physician-owned and led organization of its kind, MedVanta’s suite of solutions go beyond that of a traditional management services organization, and are designed by independent physicians, for independent physicians.

The more than 150 private practice physicians behind MedVanta are the same leaders who pioneered, in 2013, a new model of care with the launch of The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics (CAO), the second largest orthopaedic group in the country. CAO has a proven track record of reducing operating and musculoskeletal costs, improving patient experience and outcomes, and embracing technology to create higher practice efficiency as well as participate and succeed in value-based care payment models. This innovative group is now expanding on its unique model and offering it to private practice MSK groups across the country. 

“When we launched CAO, it was in direct response to the headwinds facing private practice medicine, threatening its very survival. Since that point, those challenges have only accelerated,” said Dr. Nicholas Grosso, President of MedVanta and CAO. “With the launch of MedVanta, we’re offering our proven model to other like-minded physicians who want to remain independent to best serve patients. As a truly physician owned company, we are not beholden to outside investor influence, and our leadership team shares a commitment to enabling superior, patient-first care.” 

In a national healthcare landscape that is increasingly becoming dominated by corporations and financiers, MedVanta is committed to preserving and revolutionizing independent private practice medicine. Its innovative, scalable and tailored solutions are customized for MSK practices and ancillaries. Private practice clients of MedVanta will have the opportunity to invest in the company. 

“The impetus for forming MedVanta was the pivotal question – who should be the caretakers of the future of musculoskeletal care?,” said Dr. Louis Levitt, Chief Medical Officer of MedVanta and Vice President and Secretary for CAO. “We feel strongly, and the data reinforces it, that the future of healthcare shouldn’t be led by financiers and profit-driven corporations. MedVanta provides a new and bright path forward for independent MSK physicians.”

MedVanta fully leverages CAO’s successful business model, meticulously developed over a decade. Since CAO launched in 2013, its robust infrastructure and proprietary resources have delivered on its key objectives to:

  • Retain independence
  • Enhance patient experience and outcomes
  • Reduce costs, with 20-30% savings in supply costs and up to 40% malpractice savings
  • Increase revenue, with significant growth every year since inception
  • Expand market share
  • Improve provider quality of life

“MedVanta is the natural evolution of The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics,” said Dr. Subir Jossan, Chief Transformation Officer of MedVanta and Treasurer for CAO. “We can now offer our transformative business model to independent MSK providers across the nation, helping to create a new era where private practice medicine will not only survive, but thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We look forward to collaborating with the full healthcare ecosystem – payers, employers, health systems, primary and urgent care providers, medical device manufacturers, pharma and even MedTech companies – to expand access to high-quality, cost-effective patient care throughout the communities we serve.” 

About MedVanta  

MedVanta is the nation’s largest physician-owned and operated musculoskeletal management services organization (MSO) designed by independent physicians, for independent physicians. Understanding the future of MSK care lies in independent private practice medicine, MedVanta provides the people, processes, technology and solutions to transform business results and adapt to industry disruption. Founded by the same physicians that successfully pioneered a new model for private practice orthopaedic care, MedVanta offers a better path forward for private practices in a landscape dominated by corporations and financiers.

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