Rheumatology MSO

Physician-Owned and Operated MSO

Rheumatologists diagnose and treat arthritis, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal pain disorders and certain autoimmune diseases that cause pain. They are specially trained to discover the cause of pain and swelling and to formulate a proper treatment plan to alleviate pain and provide a better quality of life.

As the largest physician-owned and operated musculoskeletal management services organization, we can support your rheumatology practice by utilizing patient data and technology to engage in a value based care model. Also, as a physician-owned MSO our specialists understand the importance of physician empowerment, independence and a patient first business model.

Approximately 70% of physicians are now employed by hospitals or corporations. We offer a better path forward for private practices in a landscape dominated by corporations and financiers.

If you’re interested in how MedVanta can partner with you and elevate your private practice, we’d love to explore how we can work together. MedVanta takes the pressure off of rheumatic and MSK providers by delivering the scale, efficiencies and services necessary to participate – and thrive – in a value-based landscape.