Frequently Asked Questions About medvanta

MedVanta enables providers to practice medicine efficiently and effectively, thrive in value-based care, and stay connected with their patients.

No one understands the opportunities and challenges of today’s orthopaedic and MSK private practices better than leading providers themselves. MedVanta is owned, designed and led by physicians who make all decisions with the patient in mind. Our proven, innovative solutions go beyond that of a traditional MSO and are designed specifically for you, so you can focus on providing high quality patient care.

Too often technology works against, rather than for, providers. Our cutting-edge tools were designed with physicians’ input to enhance independent providers’ workflows. Our scalable solutions are available to meet your unique business needs.

Our team of experts in Marketing, IT, HR, Finance, Compliance and CBO will work collaboratively in partnership with your practice administrators to streamline your efforts and maximize business outcomes. For example: MedVanta helps manage onboarding, recruitment, retention and employee benefits, complies with all relevant regulations and specifications, maximizes data security, and improves billing efficiencies to enhance customer service and ensure a seamless patient experience.

 We enable MSK providers to focus on patients, not paperwork. MedVanta helps to reduce administrative burden, increase efficiency, and lower direct costs for providers. Our solutions enable independent practices to make more data-driven decisions on financial, operational, and clinical initiatives, so providers can focus on patient care.

Yes, MedVanta was designed specifically for private practices seeking to remain independent despite the national shift toward hospital and health system employment. Our providers serve patients, not investors. Unlike other MSOs, we are not beholden to private equity or outside investor influence. Additionally, MSK groups that invest in MedVanta will have equity to share in our success.